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I love your opening! It made me chuckle here, too funny to read your definition of geometry! I liked watching-this felt more like a movie than a story-the scenes unfold and could see you sitting on the floor with your Dad helping you understand the geometry. Loved this piece! A favorite of mine for this week! great writing! ^_^
Wow, what an excellent application! At school I never really got to grips with geometry (I blame the teacher) but years later I found myself having to teach it while living in Africa. To my great surprise and delight, I found that geometry was beautiful in its logical progression. My students however didnt share the same excitement
Really readable voice, and a superb object lesson.

I have an aversion to stories that open with a dictionary definition, but your approach to it was very unique. I also think it'd work if you just started with your definition--quite funny.
I loved your definition of geometry. I know a few kids that would agree with it. Great message delivered in a fun, engaging manner.
You did this so well that I went back to a time that was difficult for me too. Well done and right on. The biblical tie in wrapped it up in a neat package.
I liked how you began this one with the two definitions. I also liked the lesson being taught about God's love and patience.

Great read. Thank you so much for sharing.
Congratulations on having this story turned into a WONDERFUL drama! I loved it (the story and the short film, and the message most of all.)