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I love this! You gave me a nice look at my own grandmother. She would have loved this too!
Beautiful peice. A picture describing the power of pictures.
I wondered how this piece was going to tie in with Easter, and then, there it was, so powerful! Well done.
Heartwarming and well written. I really saw these pictures through your words.
Wonderful images, so clearly articulated. Thank you.
Grandparents are very special blessings in our lives. Very touching piece that I can relate to.
This is so well done... beautiful and touching
Good job, I loved immensely.
A touching picture and a reminder of the impact grandparents can make! Thank you.
Your story reminds us that our age of camera's allows us to look at the changing stages of a person's life. And for many that sought out photo of 5 generations, each person in the snapshop at a different stage in their pilgrimage. I was allowed to be alone with my father when he died. As he died I told him how mother had been waiting, with their sons beside her. I let him know she would be even more beautiful than the day he married her and he more handsome. I invited him to run into her arms and she gave a deep sigh and the body beside me was empty. Easter is about life beyond the grave. It's our reason for hope. Your story was one that drew the ready into a mood to remember; to take out the family album and reflect.
Grandmothers! A wonderful slice(s) of life story shining with hope at the end, thanks for posting.