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I love a good Jewish story! How nice to read a story where Messiah is recognized and accepted! I make that my own prayer. Your character language was compelling and believable. I wish you luck in the contest; I think you deserve a big win!
I too love to read Jewish pieces (Chaim Potok is a favourite author) and even more so where the Messiah is recognized. You skillfully kept the reader from thinking it was just a lecture, too, but interjecting it with a little boy's perspective, the bleating of the baby goat etc. Well done!
Skillfully simple. You used convincing characters and flowing dialogue to carry a weighty message almost effortlessly. Well done!
Well done, congratulations.
Great job! This is very believable, sweet and powerful too. Excellent writing.
Very sweet and well-written story. Nice job as always.(:
Loved this one! Very well told.
A delightful story, full of love and hope.
One is left with the understanding that this "prayer" will have a life changing effect on the parents. One generation passing on the good news to a third generation while living in love with the couple who produced this child of wonder. Even a Jewish person who has not come to know Christ as their true Messiah can read this without offence. Something that seems hard for gentiles to accomplish. Great writing!
I love the hope in this piece! Great writing. I could envision the grandfather and child with much clarity. :)
I don't know why but this brought tears as I got to the part obout the parents. It's so difficult to witness to someone of strong Jewish beliefs. Good job - loved grampa!
I loved the "'We were just beginning to pray.' Grandpa gave a wink." line! :-D

Since Grandpa is talking to a younger child, I would perhaps use some smaller words in the Bible story.

But I really enjoyed the story! I, too, especially liked how Johnny broke into the story with his own additions. :-) Good job!