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Perfectly fitting title and definitely a story worth sharing with your FW family. This is a precious, tender and moving memory that touched my heart.
Wow - I'd love to see that tree-house! You described your father's efforts so well.
Wow...this was a great story. I absolutely loved the last two lines, " Though he teetered in the wind like the old walnut tree ready to fall to the ground, he reached out with his branches and handed off his fondest dreams to his grandchildren. The time had come to let go."
Thank you for sharing this memorable story, beautifully executed in the telling. I love how the narrator has reservations in the beginning, then realizes just what happened after the realization of the grandfather's plans.
What a legacy. So glad you decided to let us read it. Well done, descriptive and touching!
Nonetheless, I'm glad you shared this heart-warming tribute. Great title.
The parallel of the construction of the tree house and grandpa's declining health is very effective here.

It's probably just because I'm doing a class on cliches this week, but I spotted some cliches, especially in the 2nd paragraph: came back with a vengeance...hung on to by day...

You're a very good writer, so I'd encourage you to look for new ways to express those concepts.
I'm so glad you decided to share this wonderful story and the beautiful memories.
I always wanted a tree house-but somehow you made this 'wish' into a bit of reality, by adding pieces of life to make it real. I liked it and though there are sad notes under it, it is good. Nice job. ^_^