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This was so creative! With the different country labels and some of the descriptions, I was tickled and amazed. LOVE this line: She had one speed and it was fast. If radar was tracking her, they would see a red dot on the screen racing furiously to the next.
What a cute and unique story. I loved it. It flowed very well.
You described 'Grams' so well, that I feel as if I know her!
Haha! This was fun! You totally surprised me. I'm just picturing this normal grandmother who is getting your standard knee replacement surgery, and it turns out she is some bionic superwoman! Very clever!

I have no idea how you came up with this idea, but it is definitely the most unique one I have read so far this week. :)
I became curious when she skipped out of hospital with a knee replacement. That's not the norm...
I thought this was a nice story of a lady who needed a few things replaced, that is, until I got to the end. Loved the twist. Nicely done.
Whoawhat a twist this one had. I was almost ready to sign up for all those new parts myselfbut I'm not sure I want anyone reading tha labels! Great work.
Oh you sweet had me fooled on this one! Love the twist at the end and re-reading after I knew the "secret" was great fun, too!
SO creative, with wonderful descriptions that kept me engaged (and guessing) throughout! Wonderful twist too!
LOL. I was thinking it was unrealistic that she recovered so well from a knee replacement surgery. Little did I know...she's bionic! This is fun and very creative. Great job!
Laury, Laury, Laury. You completely had me going off in the wrong direction. What a great story. I loved the twist in the tale! Very clever, very clever indeed.
SUPER-creative...LOL! Great job.
Unique characters, well done and enjoyable.
I love your "Grams" descriptions, especially this, "She could quote scripture like I could breathe but it was like she was reading it" and also your description of her prayer. The humor is great. Your idea with this is super creative!
Wow, Laury! I read this with growing awe and realization--this is simply outstanding! Believe it or not, I thought of doing something sci-fi-ish, but couldn't make it work. I'm glad I didn't, because you did such a great job. Reminds me of something Asimov might have written. Love it!
Oooh, ooh! I did LOVE this! Sci-fi is so fun, and this is a great twist for a grandmother! Super-Grams to the rescue. ^_^ I really like how you made her come alive with touches like the red hair and how the granddaughter could look so deeply into her eyes and 'experience' it all. I wish there more of this, 'cause I want to know what happens next! The ending though, with the last line, that was my absolute favorite line! Awesome writing! ^_^
Oh, I loved the sweet memories you shared. Excellent!
Great story. The ending is awesome...You have a way with words for sure. ; )
LoLLoL. This was so sweet and fun at the same time!! What a hoot! You did it! You pulled it off! Sheesh, could we put in orders for our own parts? Huggles!