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Very moving. I liked the interaction between this girl and her wise grandmother.
"Sugar, let us do the loving for awhile.” Only a godly grandmother could have this kind of wisdom. I may have to borrow this phrase, and spread it on. Moving story.
Perfect advice to let God and her family do the loving for her during such a difficult time. I really liked this one a great deal.
I cried with them, really good. I can barely see the keyboard.

It is hard to let others do the lovin for you.

I see why you are in the advanced level.
Now you've gone and made me cry. Very moving, great insight by the grandmother.
Wonderfully written Glynis. This is simply beautiful.
This was gorgeous. I loved the lines, "“No. I never hated God. I just had to let Him do most of the loving for a while.”
Wow, what a beautiful allusion to the inner human conflict we experience during hard times. Awesome writing.
This has a quiet strength that builds until the end. The whole message about letting God (and others) do the loving and carry you through difficulties--beautifully put through this story.
You set the mood so well and bought us in. Wonderful.
“No. I never hated God. I just had to let Him do most of the loving for a while.”

That line I really relate to.

There is so much emotion in this piece. I really felt it as I was reading it. We often question why tragedies occur in our lives, but thank God for sending the right people to comfort us.

Excellent writing. I loved every word.
This is soooooooooo good, and your first paragraph? One of the best opening paragraphs ever.
Wonderful wisdom in the story and excellent job showing emotions. Loved it!
A tribute to God's grace, for a grieving great-grandma to comfort as she had been comforted.
Congratulations, Glynis, on placing 10th in your level and 29th overall. Great work!