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Wonderful, fact or fiction it rang true, I smiled and misted up a bit. Thanks for the telling.
THIS WAS WONDERFUL! An awesome, unique story. Very heartwarming...I loved it!
Your beginning is very good. This is a piece of history I have wondered about (the brick-paved streets). It's hard to see "progress" remove history. It's wonderful you were able to buy some of the old bricks and you found a way to use them. This is very well written. I like your entry very much.
Unique story, with lots of great atmosphere.
Very lovely story! If it's true, I can imagine your grandfather working hard to provide for his family during those lean years. Love the story-telling style of this entry.
I'm loving all these stories about grandparents, and this one is no exception. I'm so glad you were had enough bricks to complete the special job. Well done, great entry.
What a wonderful story and I really liked how it came full circle. If only there were more like you wanting to preserve precious memories. Great job.
This reminds me of one of those guideposts stories in the "His mysterious ways" section. This was great-I felt as if I were there watching the whole thing unfold.

One typo though-if you don't mind. I think "I would smiled" was supposed to be "smile" correct?

Great writing! ^_^
I thought it was very cool that the bricks were taken to make the porch. What a special way to preserve the memories of the grandfather.

I appreciate you sharing this special story with all of us.
Oh, this is such a sweet story. I want it to be true. Thanks for a lovely read.
I love how you started and ended your story using the porch--the brick memories became a foundation to make new ones!
One of my favorite kinds of stories. This is history as it connects family and builds an ever-continuing strand into the future. I love the way you described the passion the grandfather bequeathed to his grand-daughter in his stories. Super job.