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Very imaginative and interesting story. Though it is true on a smaller scale, I only wish that it were true that exposure to the wisdom and experience of the grandparent's generation actually prevented the repetition of errors on a societal level. Good writing.
Creative and engaging. VERY unique take on the topic! I was extremely curious what was happening, and I was on the edge of my seat throughout. Good job!
This is intriguing to me also. I kept reading even though it is not my favorite genre. You hooked me. I loved the wisdom you had to write this. Creative, thought provoking and insightful.
An invigorating heart-pounder that has a thought-provoking message. Brilliant.
This is off the charts creative, not to mention riveting. Very well done.
How very, very clever. I really enjoyed this sci-fi piece. Excellent writing. Bravo!
A very different story and so well written. I could see the look of consternation and confusion on the faces of the police. Wisdom of the aged. I hope we never forget it. Well done Peter!
Hmmm...we may need that formula in our American churches soon...sci-fi with a message! Very good writing and characterization.
AWESOME! This should be a whole novel, yet you managed to create this whole sci-fi world in 750 words--extremely masterful. I'd read a full-length version of this in a heartbeat. One of my absolute faves this week.
I was intrigued from the first paragraph and rest of the story did not disappoint. Excellent!
Fast paced and thoroughly enjoyable, thanks for the ride.
Okay, this is another favorite of mine this week! I love the sci-fi twist and especially your authentic words explained by the key at the bottom. I felt bad for the granddaughter, but glad that her grandfather had the chance to say what he needed to. This was great-I wish there was more so I could see what happens next! Excellent writing! ^_^
Very 1984 George Orwellian. And, eeks! My time is almost up! : ) However, such writing as this points so well to the foolishness of such futuristic endeavors. At least I pray so.
I am a huge fan of what I like to call "bleak future sci-fi", and you did the genre right in my opinion. I would have never thought to create something so imaginative for a topic like grandparents.

I really enjoyed this unique take on the topic, and I hope that you continue to develop this short story into a novel, because I would love to read more. :)
Congratulations on your highly commended, Peter! So happy for you!
AND your Editor's Choice! Woo hoo!
***Congrats on your EC!*** (So glad this won!) ^_^
Congratulations on your EC, Peter. This is incredible. So scary, and too realistic. Fantastic job with the topic.
Way to go, Peter! Congratulations - Loren
Excellent. I read this a few days ago and thought it would be in the top 10.
What an amazing concept! What an amazing story! A brilliant illustration of the old saying: "One thing we learn from history is that man NEVER learns from history." Yet you successfully put it into a futuristic, neo-nazist political setting.
I hope all following generations learn from this.