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A very well described and moving step back in time.
Hands down, my favorite so far. Very well written; awesome imagery and dialogue. The line, "Ive seen you all these years--wouldve liked to have to been at your weddin and held those babies a time or two.", that one packed a lovely little punch to my emotions. Loved it.
Very creative and interesting. One of my favorites so far.Thanks.
This is so creative and beautifully written. I love it. You have a way with painting these memories. Our barn had one of the corrugated metal roofs too. My grandma grew petunias. I can smell them thanks to your "thoughts and words you gave away." Thank you!
Very well done! It reminds me a bit of the scene in "Our Town" where the main character is given one more chance to return to her family (after dying in childbirth) and realizes for the first time all the things that were so precious about her life. You have made that preciousness clear in your words.
I loved the dreamlike state of this. Very well written with a great message. Good job.
I never comment on my own, but this is driving me crazy!

I don't know what happened to my quotation marks and dialogue in the next to the last paragraph. It jumped around on me and I didn't notice before I submitted!
Oh, this is so beautiful. Loved the vivid descriptions. You take your reader along on the "Memory Lane."
Oh, wow--the scene where the past and the present are beginning to blur, and the grandma says "I've seen you...I would have liked to be there..." just took my breath away. Exquisite.
I loved how you came full circle by using the same lines at the beginning and the end. Your descriptions are always so vivid, and I think that is why I enjoy reading your entries so much.

I also loved the point you made about our imaginations being our gift that allows us to remember people even when they are no longer with us on this Earth.

A true pleasure to read. I hope that this one places high, because it is very good. :)
Oh, this is breathtaking. I so hope you win with this one. It's such a keeper, such a tender story. Thank you!
Very well-written! I too have used that writer's imagination to spend some time with someone I have lost. Very heart-touching story.
This was absolutely beautiful. I could see the past and present blurring as I read. It was like being able to see both the adult and the child at the same time. You have done an excellent job here. I love it!!!
Absolutely beautiful. Expertly written, too. Five stars from me.
Wow. Beautifully, told. One of my favorite lines (among many) "My 35 year old mind cannot comprehend what my eight year old eyes are seeing." This is truly wonderful, you had be experiencing and seeing and smelling everything.
This is so much more than the gift of a memory-or the gift of your writing! A favorite of mine, I loved this day going back and experiencing everything as if I were right there. You did really well with this-excellent writing! ^_^
What a gift, you do indeed have. You can travel back and relive a wonderful life. You are blessed and a very talented writer besides. I feel we have a placer here.
Congratulations, Mandy, on placing 7th in your level and 21st overall. Great work!