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Loved the light hearted yet tender picture you paited here.
Each line alliterated! Now that is a gift and not easy to do. Made it fun, light and a delight to read. MADE MY MELLOW MEMORY MORE MEANINGFUL. :)
This is very cute - and you did a great job with alliteration!
Your alliteration was fun. You've used great descriptive words. I like this (it made me smile), "And a side-splitting snigger o’er the gist of a joke, -- Left him powerless to pass on the punch line." -- I've known people like this. I like the poetic name "Twister of Twists" in your last line.
This must have been tough to do - I am VERY impressed with the structure of this - and thanks for the "no eating warning LOL." Enjoyed this very much.
My goodness, this must have taken you forever to write! Wowzer. Good job.
Wonderful, wonderful alliteration. I enjoyed this thoroughly. My favorite poem this week.
I like this one!
I could not hope to write a poem as masterful as this! Superb Miss Christine, superb!