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Very funny - I couldn't help but laugh my way through this one. I just love how she identified and empathised so much with her daughter, that she almost became her! Just one little mistake - I think you meant 'through' rather than 'threw'. I really enjoyed this one.
What a slice of life, thanks for the details. Dratted word limit, I know there is more and I want it. Your words made daily details come to life for me.
I might be bias as a mom of twin 16 month old girls, but this was great. "We didn’t have the heart to tell her her blouse was on inside out" made me snarf out loud:)
Yes, you had me smiling with the "Didee"/"dirty diaper" comment. Anyone with triplets or triplet grandchilden would definitely qualify as an expert on diapers. :) Your humor is infectious in this! -- "puppies", "sleep hours", "naps", ice cream snacks", and the "inside out blouse" to name a few. And yes, you deserve a standing ovation, a crown, and a medal. :) I can't even imagine all that taking care of infant triplets would involve. Thanks for entertaining me this evening. I promise not to "mess" with you.
Hey, hip grandma...I mean hip! Boy, can I relate. My mother also had triplets. (I wasn't one of them.) Hip story. I'm still chuckling.
I've never been a Grandma, so I can't fully relate. But I got a lot of laughs out of this. I recognise the hand and the humour here ;).
Actually I'm inclined to think that "made it threw the first year" was a Freudian slip, rather than a mere typo :).
My mother refused point blank to be even a "Gwanny" - there was one already - but insisted on being called "Moggie". This was not only hip-ness, but to recognise the important role that cats played in our extended family.
Great work. Go hip-Didee!
Very amusing. We have had four boys but thankfully all well spaced apart. My sympathies go out to those with multiple births.
I enjoyed the anecdotes but thought that the statistical section on first year facts was superfluous and broke the flow somewhat. Might have given you room for just one more delightful yarn.
Just enough humor, but a lot of heart too. I loved this!
“Grand-ma” sounds like obese hillbilly

I laughed at this line and many others in this very humorous piece. I liked the sarcastic remarks. They really set the tone for this story.

One teeny tiny minor error that I saw, you used the word "threw" at one point when it should have been "through." No biggie though. :)

Thank you for adding a nice bit of humor to this week's topic. You put a smile on my face.
Funniest one I've read this week! I love the voice, the wit...well, everything about this wonderful delight!
This is great. Love the humor and your shared memories (or what you remember). LOL Excellent on topic.
This was such a fun read. I particularly loved "My “friends” were worried when I started throwing up in the morning and planned an age intervention", and
"I was so tempted to say, “ they’re all plastic and cloned. We’re on Oprah next week".'
Wonderfully funny story, well done!

ROFL! This Didee is definitely hip! Lol! This was too funny, I was laughing all the way through-you nailed the touch of humor. I loved the chart that showed the diapers and the bottles of formula. The voice for Didee was just right, it fit her spunky personality and definitly gave a great twist to this! Awesome writing! ^_^
At first I thought the rambling thoughts were a bit disjointed, but then I realized no, they're exactly what they should be. Disjointed and rambling--as a tired grandma of triplets would be. :)

I love this line: "I guess I need to save up for Matthew’s therapy when he’s fifteen." LOL

My mom refused to be called grandma, too--thought it made her sound too old. So she was called Oma--grandma in German. But the ultimate joke was on her--she found out years later that in Germany, Oma is used for a really old grandma. :)

Great job with the topic.
Congratulations, Dianne, on placing 12th in your level and 33rd overall with this piece. Great work!
Oh, this is simply priceless. Quips such as "I didn’t realize she expected puppies" and the mother who thought she'd survived twins with 'her blouse on inside out' were just perfect. I can't imagine life with triplets, but do understand sleep deprivation. My daughter woke 2-3 times a night until she went to school, and my son has just only began sleeping all night last week. He's 4 on Monday. So in ten years, my wife and I slept well for two of them.
Dianne, I'm going to feature this delightful essay on the Front Page Showcase for the week of July 14th. Look for it on the FaithWriters Home page, and congratulations!
Dianne, this is funny. Loved the narrator's voice and sense of humor. Congrats on the front page showcase.
Dianne, This is such a fun read! I'm glad I seized this opportunity to read it after missing it during grandparents week.
I just wanted you to know that I loved your story. I laughed and I cried. I tried for a cool name, too. Granddaughter # 3 just arrived. I'm still hoping!
I guess I'm different - I love being called Grandma by my 5-year-old twin granddaughters. They have no doubt who I am - then 3-year-old Isabelle once set her mother straight saying, "Mom, her name is Grandma!" Great article, great sense of humor!
Congrats! Delightful story filled with love and humor.
Ohhhh Dianne. What a HOOT! Love this, girl - congrats on your showcase, my dear.
Congrats on the showcase-awesome! So glad to get to read this one again! ^_^
This was such an enjoyable read. I love your raw humor :] I couldn't help but smile :]
Dianne -- I'm so happy to see your writing showcased on the FW homepage. Congrats!
Dianne, this is marvelous writing. I love the description, the humor, and the hope. You really did a great job!