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Love conquers all. Loved the story. Keep wirting.
Ilove happy endings. Keep writing. You do it well.
I'd love to know a little more about Andrea and Karl and their romance. Thanks for the snowy ride and the romance.
Now that's what I call real love!! Through thick and thin, ice, snow and blizzard, etc. (akin to the Postal Dept's legacy)Hopefully this marriage is still on schedule and on track today. Great story! And kept the reader guessing what the big Occasion coming up was for?? Neat job!
Loved the ride you took us on. One thing made wonder though,how she could run all those errands and no one discussed the impending storm. Keep up the good words.
A fun story with a happy ending. Around here she would have heard about the impending storm every step she took, but if you're getting ready for your wedding you might not necessarily notice the rest of life going on around you. *grin*
Awww! I'm glad that they did get married after all. I was hoping that everything would work out all right and it did, mismatched as the day went for them with that blizzard and all coming in. Great job! ^_^
Very clever! And I love the way they resolved their problem.

I was a little bit disoriented at the flasheback until I realized that's what it was...then it flowed beautifully. Very fun piece.
My wife and I eloped, so (IMHO) ceremony has little to do with the marriage itself. I'm glad she said, "yes" both times. Really enjoyed this and the predicatment you placed these characters in and the final outcome.
Wow Angela, you had me mesmerized from start to finish! I could picture everything, feel the sense of urgency even though at that point, I had no idea what the rush was for. You kept the suspense up right to the end. Well done girl! Well done.
I wasn't sure what the couple was planning until the very end. You kept me in suspense.

I like your writing style. Thank you for sharing Angela! :)