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Wonderful structure, and the poem brought a lump to my throat--so full of longing, melancholy, regret. You have a gift, and we're blessed that you share it with us.
This is definitely NOT for the me. It was far over my head and from the "terzanelle" in the Title to the end...I am ashamed to say this, but I was lost in a beautiful haze - not knowing where I was going or what I was reading It probably doesn't make sense to an intellectual - but consider the source and smile... I write for children Great job (I think,) (*.*)
I could feel the melancholy even though I didn't understand the poem (LoL, I'm not a poetry person)--but I sure did understand the feeling that flowed through this.
Terrific structure, and you conveyed the repeated opportunities and failures to take them succinctly. Nice work!
I'll be totally honest. I had to Google the word 'Terzanelle'- I'd never heard of it.

After reading 'Tomorrow's Terzanelle', I know why you are in Advanced and I am in Beginners.

The regret, and the pain, and the sorrow seep from every pore of this poem (is poem too lowly a word?). On target for topic? Definitely!
Very good. I was, in the begining, having a hard time understanding (I'm a simple one also), but while I read and felt this poem, I felt the Lord begin to let me see it. It is beautiful, and very thought provoking!
I am no poet thus my knowledge in this area is remote. I will say though that while reading this there was a certain tempo that resonated from what you have written. I believe I did get the message though which is often something that flies over me in poetry.
I didn't really understand the poem, but that is my problem. I am not yet at the level to really understand this deep and beautiful level of poetry. I really enjoyed it though, regardless of my ignorance. :)
This made me want to run to the edge and pull the MC in. I love the way you dropped some of the lines lower and lower and until they fell off completely - symbolism in dynamics of the structure that parallel the message.