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Mentioning past themes is a great way to tie up the quarter! I'm glad you're making hay while the sun shines now. I'm glad for the healing in this life!
This story, if I didn't know better, could have been written by me; with the exception that my parents didn't leave me - I left them! I understand this writer's thoughts, feelings, regrets, and the peace of finding a loving Savior that was there all the time - waiting in the wings...just hoping I would call. Loved this eye-opening, and I assume non-fictional story of true life. Truth is ALWAYS stranger than fiction. Kudos!
Cleverly done by using all of the topics--and a moving testimony, too.
Very clever, from the title to weaving all of this quarter's topics in, in order. If I try my hand at that next quarter, just remember that immitation is the most sincere form of flattery. :-)
What a fun way to give a testimony! It was a fun walk through the quarter.

First of all, you are very courageous for allowing people into your life like this. Secondly, as others have said, it was very clever the way you wove the previous topics of the past quarter into the narration.

I loved the switch in spelling in the last sentence - "His shovelfuls of love are now filling my WHOLE." Well done Debbie, well done!

I admire your transparency, to connect with your reader so deeply by showing yourself. Wow. That takes guts and good writine! You have both! I love how you used the proverbs from each topic this quarter and especially how you went from 'hole to whole'. I'm so glad. Great writing! ^_^
I also like the way you wove the topics from this quarter into your story. It is a sad story, until the end, where Jesus fills her hole with shovefuls of love. Great writing!