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I love stories like this, with honest misunderstandings. Fun!

A fantabulous story of regrets, surprises, laughter and tears. I loved it! A couple of little errors, ("too" instead of "to")..but great job! Kudos!
This was adorable and very creative. :)
I jumped to conclusions right along with the husband, and loved the twist. I enjoy such a valuable lesson being learned with the ending still being happy.
What a fun read! I was so glad to see the husband learned and decided to enjoy his days with his wife. :)
Congratulations! I loved the twist and the ending, thanks for sharing. The most important phone call of their lives. If this is true, you are truly blessed.
LOL! This is so funny, I loved the lines with "you silly goose! You loveable silly goose." That just summed up Cindy's personality so wonderfully I had to laugh out loud. You did great with this and really on topic. I'm glad that the MC decided to stay and go on vacation with her. This was great. ***Congratulations on your EC!***
Maxine, I'm smiling and can see why this placed. Congratulations on placing with this amusing piece. Loren
Very clever and fun - I REALLY wondered where it was going, and you GOT me! Love it - and the end. Congratulations on your EC!
Congratulations on your EC. I guessed there was probably a misunderstanding, just didn't know what it was. This is a powerful, and very useful, message for way too many people. Good job.
I had a feeling he got the message wrong, but it was a fun read none the less. Congrats on your EC!