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I love this. It's soo funny. A cute muse....brilliant. I love the dialogue. And her prayer at the end ties it all together and keeps it on topic. Great job.
LoLLoL. I absolutely love this!! It's wonderful, on topic, humorous and packs a very good (and timely) lesson. This one is going in my favorites!
Very good! So creative. Peej thought I wrote this because you used my famous, "argh!" LOL! Wished I did have this idea! Good work!
Okay, I admit it, I'm guilty, but it's not nice to snoop.
"Mr. Muse!" How creative! Interesting, entertaining and nifty read. Enjoyed the romp with ...ah Tom Selleck? Ahhh, nice job! VERY, VERY creative. I liked it!
Very original take on the topic.I liked this alot!!!!!
Cutest. Story. Ever.

Love it!!!!
LOL this was so good! What a way to learn her lesson. A Tom Selleck look-a-like... does he have an older brother? Great story. Loved the discussion with God about her prayer. Well done!
You get top marks for creativity and personification (Tom Selleck??). Nice job.
Absolutely delightful, cute, and charming. I love love LOVE the voice of this! Just excellent. Definitely a favorite this week.
Amusing and entertaining and well-written and creative and identifiable and and and, what is not to like about this?
This is a fun story. I think my muse looks like supermodel Kathy Ireland. Well, I want my muse to look like that. :)

I noticed a small typo. Where you say:

So, just why you are on strike, anyway? instead of So, just why are you on strike, anyway?

Again, its minor, and the fact that you are in advanced tells me that you know the correct wording. I just thought I would point that out.

This was a very cool and creative way of demonstrating this weeks topic. I really appreciate you sharing this story.
i forgot to add one thing. I also liked how you gave God the credit for being your true source of inspiration and creativity.
The other comments say it all. This is delightful and very well written. It was also quite convicting. Great, great job!!!
Delightful to say the least. Very entertaining, crisp writing. Thank you.
I love these lines Okay, so I can tend to over-dramatize a wee bit. But, heyits what writers do. Because I can relate! [Thanks Muse for showin' me dat.]
Hilarious. Period. Thanks.
I love this! What a talent!
ROFL! Okay, this is a definite favorite of mine this week. I think that's what happened to MY muse and made my piece so random. lolz! Too funny! You drew me in with the first person POV and kept up with the hilarious trail that had me laughing at your last line!
Really great writing, I honestly can't find too much I'd want to 'change' here. ^_^
Clever, fun and oh, so true. Ditto to the acclodes above.
****Congratulations, Shelly! I'm so glad this got EC, it was so funny I had to read it again before congratulating you!***
Congratulations on your EC. This is a very cute illustration of the topic. Nice job.
Shelley, Congratulations on taking EC this week. It's upward and onward with you. I knew this was a winner when I first read it. Now I need to find me a cute muse. :-)
How fun! And how true. And why does the muse come when I should be going to bed? :) Congrats on your EC!
A Tom Selleck muse! LOL. Old Socrates must be turning in his grave. Not sure who mine is. Sometimes she's my wife, sometimes it's the cat! Very imaginative. Congrats on the EC - well deserved.
Improvements? The only thing that confused me a little was part of the dialogue between you and Tom S. Lost track of who was saying what at first, but it resolved in the end.
Ha, the end of this made me laugh out loud. Love how you were laughing WITH God, 'cause I know He had a sense of humor, too! Great all around.