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I found your vivid portrayal of what it might be like after the rapture very creative.
I enjoyed this creative take on the "left behind" theme which so easily meshes with this topic.
Wow. A very creative and engaging intrepretation of the end times. Great illustration of the topic, too. Well done.
Hmmmmm, I think I have a different interpretation of this than the other commenters so far...maybe you'll tell me if I'm right, but I see it as more of an allegory of the end times, in an alternate setting and with not-really-human characters. Yes?

Anyway...I loved it! Extremely well-written, spot on topic, just excellent all around.
Yeah - I'm with Jan - this is more an allegory of the end-times, yes? A sci-fi "other world" version of the rapture and events following. I really like it either way. The background we already have made this work in the word limit allotted - it's so hard to create a world AND a scenario like this in just 750 words, but you did. :) Good stuff, Christine!
I especially liked how you created the moment where even the sacred places became defiled. Well written, and good names for the monsters. :)
Wow, this is great! Love it. :)
Great title for your story. Loved the sci-fi take on the end of days theme. Keep writing!
I agree that this is an allegory of the end times, a very creative one.

Some of the names were hard for me to keep track of, but those kind of names do fit this type of story very well.

This is one of the more unique entries that I have read this week. It has a great message too. Thank you for sharing. :)
Whoa! Nothing like no escape routes putting things in a really, really clear perspective for you, eh? This reads a little sci-fi and a little allegory, I think it's great either way. I wanted to know more and more of this strange word and what was happening, because it read like end times, with a twist. I wish that there could have been some escape, than taking the mark that offered no protection at all when it came down to all of that. Great job, the descriptions, everything! ^_^
Intense, and although sci-fi based in allegory, very believable. Taught writing, which moved the piece quickly making it a fun, interesting and thought provoking read.
Way clever and smart writing. Keep up the good work.