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Creative and unique take on this weeks topic. One little hint - Bible should be capitalized. Now I need to open my Bible and read those scriptures that God suggested we all read...and I will. Thanks.
I very much enjoyed your story through messages to and from God. I loved how you made it clear all the way through that God loves us and wants us to spend time with him. Very well done.
WOW. Am I red-faced. This is an excellent piece- shows with no preaching but gets me where I live. Thank you! I love this and will also cherish my devotion time with my Father in the scriptures you gave.
Wow, wow, wow! You don't believe in pulling any punches do you? I'm sure God definitely told you to write this entry.

I could have written almost the same words.

Thank you Lord for using this entry to remind me how much You love spending time with me.
Nice piece! You definitely nailed the topic, and presented a great message, as well!
The back-and-forth gimmick really worked for this short piece!
It's sooooo easy to get caught up in this fast forward world--and church world--that we can neglect the basics or prayer, fasting and reading God's Word. I love how this ends--like a minivan coming to a screeching halt on the highway of life. Your reference to... Jesus replied: " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' Matthew 22:37 (NIV) --says it ALL!
Well done, and very convicting.
On that note--quit following me...
A creative touch. Very nice balance and pace. Thanks for sharing your heart.
Insightful entry. So glad to feel that I'm not alone out there. Keep up the good words.
Oh, how I long to put the first commandment into practice daily! Thanks for this!
I'm planning a retreat with some friends right now and this story really spoke to me. Thanks
Wow. This is so neat! You really captured what we all do here-inching away without even realizing it! I loved the format of this, especially how it went back and forth with the letters to each other. That was very creative, really different! Great job! ^_^
So creative and well-done! Enjoyed this SO much. Love the unique style of this.
For some odd reason, I felt very convicted reading this. This was creative and well done.
Dear Sherry... Well done! I believe you've struck a nerve in all of us - I know I am convicted of sometimes letting the busyness of life impact my time with the Lord. You wrote, "if we put God first, all the other areas in our lives will gently fall into place" - that is the KEY to the kind of life God wants for us! It's the Domino effect. Put God first and all the other 'dominos' will fall into place! God bless you. Love, Peggy
This short little piece packs quite an impact Sherry. Very well written and gets your point across quite well. Love you, Sharon
God is sooooo merciful. He is so merciful that He takes the time to remind us when things get chaotic that putting Him first will cause everything else to fall in place. We do well to ask ourselves when things get tough, "Did I put God first today?"
Great article, Sherry. All I could think of is how I am being robbed of my time with the Lord because of the overwhelming schedule my boss throws at me. I have got to regain the rest and time to spend with Him. Thanks for the wonderful reminder. You are a talented writer. Love: Joyce