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Clever story! Good job.
That was so funny, lol. I could just see it. Well done.
Hahaha. I can just see Elsie (thinking of Elsie in Coronation St.) stealing the limelight from the pastor like that.
Humor flows so naturally through this narrative. I like the way you tie in the different denominations to add flavor. Very entertaining and easily readable. Nice work!
That Elsie of yours is quite a character. She is delightfully unaware of social graces. Enjoyed the peice.
Elsie wasn't the most reverent of characters but she was delightful none-the-less. A joy to read and laugh at the antics of a grown woman with moxie. Thanks for sharing and your sense of humor! Yours in Christ
How delightful! You are so creative and you allowed us to share your creative spirit in this wonderful account of an sunrise service that would not be easily forgotten.
As said above - simply delightful. Thank you for posting this story.
This was absolutely enjoyable! I can see it taking place... afterall, God does have a wonderful sense of humor!
I loved the playfulness of this! I can just picture it all. I can also see a cousin of my Grandma's sitting there helping her with the cracker crumbs! :)
FUN! I know a lady like this too. Too funny!
A very entertaining read. I've met some of these ladies before and love/d the fun way you bring us into their not so simple lives.
Gotta keep your eyes on Elsie! Once again, wonderful! If this series of adventures would be published, I, as our church librarian, would definitely purchase the book! I could see in my mind the swarm of sea gulls descend on the unsuspecting choir.