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You made me feel sorry for your MC, and you caught me with her final ride. You did a good job with the topic. I enjoyed the poem.
I didn't get the topic in this litle poem; however, its probably just me; but it rhymed well, with the exception of the 2nd and 3rd verse. A pleasant tale of mystery in poetic form.
Great zinger in the last stanza!
Ouch. The sad ending aside, I enjoyed the pictures you created.
A poem!
It's so sad, but a lesson to learn. We can't complain about being left behind.
I liked the different modes of transportation, and I guessed what the last stanza might be.
Well done. Thanks for writing this.
Oh boy! That was some Ride for Miss Lilly. Great take on the topic. Poor Miss Lilly, good job Mr Dub, real good.
How sad! Wasn't expecting that ending.
A lot of poems this week nd this is another great one. Enjoyed the unexpected end. God bless.
A great reminder not to just sit and let life pass you by.
ah, so sad at the end. The last verse though, was my favorite! I liked the character you painted of Miss Lilly it was seeing her in a completely different view! ^_^
Very visual and honest. Enjoyed this.
The last 2 stanzas were the best. For those two I give you a good job!