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You really capture the era of the Great Depression. The rhyme and meter are flawless. I especially liked your rhyme of God and guffawed.
I would have liked to have seen a stronger connection between your title and the content of the poem, though it certainly answers the question. Perhaps "Darkness Parted?" Something about reaping might seem trite, but would be fitting...
I know nothing about poetry but I know I loved this one!! Awesome! Especially loved the last stanza.
This poem is a delight--beginning to end. The narrative is fascinating and the last stanza just perfect.
This is masterful. It moved my emotions so much, as I was delighted at the rhyme and meter, and moved by the storyline. Just fabulous in every way I can think of.
Congrats on your EC win, I'm glad I didn't miss this piece. It's a neat glimpse into the depression-and the silver lining, I love it! This was a great story told well with ryhme and character. Awesome writing! ^_^
Hooray, my dear friend--2nd in Editor's Choice!
Triple Kudos for winning 2nd Place in EC! Congratulations!
Wow! This was so awesome. Congrats on your shiny blue ribbon. This was well earned, my friend. Wonderful story, wonderful you.
Congratulations on your EC. This is very good, and a perfect illustration of the topic. Great job.
Absolutely wonderful! I loved this. Congrats on your well deserved EC!
Oh, I love this entry! One of the best I have seen on FW. Congratulations on your EC.
Oh, Marianne, this is absolutely EXCELLENT. No wonder you did so well. You have a gift - and I'm glad you're using it here! Congratulations, my friend!
What a wonderful example of God blessing the faithful! What a wonderful legecy your parents left for you and your siblings. Congratulations on your EC. It is well deserved.
Oh, Mariane! What a beautiful, lyrical account of God's faithfulness! No wonder it's a big winner this week! You've written a precious and lovely tribute to a father who must be smiling down from Heaven today just for you, dearheart! Congratulations and write on, friend!
This touched me, Mariane. It's so full of truth and compassion. A winner for sure. Congratulations!
I needed this today. I bet there are many in a similar situation right now.

Thank you so much for this inspired work! Congratulations on this EC!!
Mariane, this was wonderful. I LOVE it. I have read the story you wrote about that, "He Giveth and Giveth and Giveth Again." --I have it on my website, thanks-- but this poem was even BETTER!!! I am glad you won second place.(had I been judge, I would have picked you first.) And as you said in your note to me, it was right down my alley, sounds so much like what my parents went through. I am so glad that you shared this....
God's blessing on you...Helen
Oh, Mariane, my friend, this brought tears to my eyes as I've heard many Great Depression stories within my family. You are so deserving of the 2nd place win in Advanced and also an E.C. Many, many congrats. This is wonderful work!
Wonderful poem about God's provision and His Kingdom. The miracle of this garden lies in the Holy Spirit leading us to provide for each other. Congrats on EC.
Mariane -- Just wanted to say congrats on your placing with this!! My Grandmother told me many stories of living through the depression and living off their garden and of even eating dandylion greens. This brought back so many memories. Thank you!