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Love this title! You told a great story -- full of emotion. Good job!
Wow... as far as I am concerned your story is a masterpiece :-) I love this line.."I donned my things are fine mask".. I do this all the time too.
Your title is just right for your "silver lining" story. You creatively showed how God leads in our lives in choosing the best over the better.
I cannot tell you how much I LOVED this piece. It is filled with the perfect amount of testimony and dialogue.
One small note: In the paragraph after the MCs phone conversation with her friend, there were a few verb tense changes, but it was only mildly distracting. Your message and the "realness" of the way one goes through a tough decision is incredible, and your descriptions are masterful.
This is wonderful. It flows so smoothly and is written like a master. Great job. Bravo!
Tough choice, solitary creativity is harder to get good feedback on, while a group getting applause all the time is a great high. You made the choice I would have. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for the note of explanation on your brick--this is very good, and I loved reading it with the background knowledge.
This is *good*! I like your MC's heart. Well done.
Enjoyed your story and its message. Being more of a poet I thought I could have been shown a few more things than told, but I was blessed and that is always good.
I love this! (LoL Especially knowing what it's based on!) The last two lines were fabulous, and ones that I've experienced, too. You certainly captured the emotion of it!! Great job!
"My every brush stroke imbued the picture with hurt and rejection. Shades of sorrow saturated the canvas and the painting dripped with my diverse emotions."

I love your word choices and descriptions like in the lines above. This was a wonderfully written piece. I loved the message too. Sometimes we have to just follow our hearts as God steers us in the direction that he wants us to go.
Wonderful story...loved it.
Excellent! Your MC found her "sweet spot" where she is doing what God intended her to do. Well done!
I especially loved knowing the "backstory" - this is absolutely wonderfully done. I was right there with her/you. God is amazing, and so is your writing, my friend.
I can so relate to this. I could feel the dark cloud of uncertainty hanging over the MC's head. Glad she allowed God to lead her. Great job!
Conflict and resolution -nicely done. I appreciated reading the struggle the MC went through. Very relatable. Good job!
Ooooh, I like this! Your title is really good and I was so glad that the painting received grand prize. Based on a true story, huh? You did really well here! I loved the line with squirting the paint onto the canvas and pouring her heart out. ^_^
This was awesome! I loved the descriptive words you used. You had me totally believing these were actual things that you've gone through. Well done! Fantastic ending!
Very well written story. I love that she trusted God with her decision. Things usually work out much better when we do.
This is wonderful! I love your descriptive phrases.
The title intrigued me. After reading the story it was evident that the title fit perfectly. Nice job. I really enjoyed it.