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A good retelling of this Biblical story.
Very nice! Lots of great detail!
This was an excellent retelling of Rahab's story. The descriptions made her life very real.
You told a wonderful story, but it could have been more sensory in my humble opine. That said, the message rocked.
I could picture Rahab at the door. You did a good job with this.
I like your MC's voice. The combination of short and long sentences made the dialogue seem very realistic.
I love Bible retellings...this was a great perspective.
Oooh, this is definitely from a different POV, I really liked seeing things through her eyes, it was so different! I would've liked a few more descriptions, like when you talked about the flax and hoped that the spies wouldn't sneeze, that's a minor thought that never occurred to me. I always assumed if they knew they're life was on the line, they'd barely be able to breathe. lol. This was good, I hope you expand it more someday. ^_^
There is so much hope in Rahab's story, thanks for adding some new perspective. This is a masterful entry, much research and thought must have gone into this.
Very unique and refreshing POV.

The last paragraph fizzled a bit for me, and a reader who doesn't know the story of Ruth would be left scratching their head.

You made Rahab seem very real and vulnerable--nicely done.
I like how you tied this to the story of Ruth, though a bit more detail in that area (as Jan mentioned) would make it clearer for those who don't quite know the connection. You did a great job of characterization for Rahab.
I love seeing this through Rahab's eyes. Word count is limiting, but if you were thin out from the beginning, you could build on the spies coming and add more description. (Just my thoughts--LoL) Rahab's POV was a great attention grabber!
I love the way you made me a part of Rahab's story. For the first time, I've seen her side of it. Well done, I'm impressed.
I love seeing small Bible stories expanded and unique perspectives given to them. I could actually picture this as being a true account of Rahab's life. You did an awesome job with this.

I do agree that the very end might not make sense to someone who has never read the story. However, if they haven't read the story before, then they probably wouldn't get the full effect of your story anyways.

Thank you for sharing.
***Congrats on your highly commended, Joanney!***
Congrats to my (almost) name twin LOL - Highly commended is awesome, and I am tickled that some more Biblical history is being recognized :) Congrats!
Loved the title, Joanney. This was such a good story, well told. It took me a while to figure out who it was, but you did a great job. Congrats on your "highly commended" placement.
I'm late commenting, but you were so kind to leave a comment on my "Good News Alphabet," I just had to check up on one of your recent entries.

Your great opening snared my curiosity. I didn't catch on it was Rahab until I'd read several paragraphs and was hooked to read the rest. (I'm not usually a fan of "fictionalized" Bible stories, but this is so well done it is exceptional.)

Congratulations on winning the judges' notice, too. Well deserved!