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I think I'd call that a golden lining. :-)
This was an enjoyable read.
AWWWW so sweet and romantic!
It sounds like your "second-chance" placement was God's "first chance" for you. Your desire to be used by the Lord came through clearly in your interesting narrative.
I LOVE stories with a happy ending! And yours is beautiful :)
Good story. You may want to look at varying the beginnings of your sentences. Many of them started with "I". You must be glad you agreed to go on the trip.
Definitely NOT a wasted summer. You got an excellent story out of it! :)
Wonderful tale, thanks for sharing how God worked in your life.
I love true stories! Sweet silver lining there!
Errr...those pesky details. lol. I wanted to read more and more to see where it was all going, the ending came too soon! I loved that it's based on a true story though, that's really neat. I loved the title and how it wove into the end, that's definitely a silver lining. ^_^
This one gets a big awwwwwww from me!

I wish you'd included the verse from Isaiah, not just the reference.

Perfect application of the proverb.
Fun! One of the rules of any kind of missions work is: Be flexible!! I really enjoyed this! :)
A really enjoyable read. Isn't God wonderful and His timing perfect. Thanks!
Sharon - I want you to know that I tried to leave a comment on this yesterday about six times, but it kept booting me back to the account page. Thanks for commenting on mine to remind me to get my rear back over here.

I loved the characterization in this piece, and what a good fit it was for the proverb. I hope you expand this, because I really want to know what happened "between the asterisks." Keep it up,girl!