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My heart is breaking. Even if this piece is fiction, I know very well this pain exists. Thank God for prayer warriors--both big and little.

This is very well written and the creature is perfect, even how he speaks. Excellent.
You made me cry. Thanks for letting us see this inside look at your life, so we can better come along side. Hugs and prayers.
I cannot imagine the daily torture, but thankful for prayer warriors. This was well written helping to allow the reader to know what the writer is enduring in their heart and life. Thanks for this transparent and vulnerable piece.
WOW, the pace is so fast, I got caught up immediately, thanks for showing us the inside of pain. Praise God for your prayer warriors.
Excellent writing! Amazing 7-year-old! I loved this line... "The varmint cringed in fright as a seven-year-old stormed the Gates of Hell." What an awesome mental picture.
This is so incredibly written that I was crying through almost the whole piece. You took me inside the pain better than any piece I've ever read.
This paragraph had me bawling:
God help me! I got home and crawled into bed, tucking my blanket to my neck. Tears formed in my eyes and spilled down my cheeks. I cant do this anymore. Ive tried to be faithful, tried to learn what Youve been teaching me. Can it be over yet, Lord, please?

This monster of pain is so real, I can see and feel him. Also, I can see your constant struggle against him, as well as the tears you shed. Finally, I can see the small boy as he prays till God answers. This is great writing--so vivid it leaps off the page. Bless your sweet heart. May God hold that monster at bay permanently.
"I gave in, head down, having lost the fight once again."

Don't give in. Keep fighting. And remain in your Daddy's arms.
Very visual and moving.
You did an amazing job describing the struggles of living with pain. Praise God for the power of prayer.
What a vivid, honest portrayal of agonizing, chronic pain. Wonderfully written.
You brought me to tears too, sweet Laury. This is breathtaking. I'm putting it in my favorites.
So vivid. You made the pain so real, I could almost feel it. Bless the prayer warriors.
Wow, Laury! This is powerful! It was really different and you certainly captured what it's like to be living with pain so intense and deep. I loved the ending with the 7 year old prayer warrior. Amazing writing-kudos to you! ^_^
Laury, I'm so sorry you are having such terrible headaches. I loved the way you described the little creature who has its talons in you. I also appreciated the little one who prayed for you. Reminded me of: and a little one shall lead them. Take care and God bless
Laury, this may be your best yet. It was inspired to write your headache as a little critter--just awesome. High praises for this story!
Wow. I don't get headaches like this but I certainly do understand the agony of physical pain. You've personified it and all its ugly evil very well. Perhaps that's why God led you to write this story instead of me. Nobody could have done a finer job. I hope this one places. (Ironic, isn't it- your pain is quite literally His gain!)
Wow. First of all, your "Mommy's Sick" story makes so much more sense now that I have read this.

I must say that you really drew me in with the evil spirit. I could feel your struggle. I think we all have some sort of demon that tries to attack us, and while I was reading this, I felt like I was in battle alongside you fighting off your demon.

What I am so happy about is that you didn't listen to the evil voice that told you to end your life while driving. There are so many people that need you - both locally as well as on Faithwriters.

Oh, and I love children's prayers. They are so innocent and genuine. No wonder God wants us to have a child-like faith.
Laury,(in tears)Laury, I wish I could take the pain from you!
God is blessing others by seeing how you are praising Him in the midst of this.
Don't give in to the pain, give in to the Lord. Rest in Him. (((hugs))
Wow! Wow! Masterful writing...coming from your heart. I love your title and the thoughts it evokes. Praying for you Laury.
Hi: Amazing story. Well written, and like the suprise ending. Thank you for sharing.
Laury, I'm going to feature this piece in the Front Page Showcase for the week of August 25. Look for it on the FW home page, and congratulations!
Laury -- It's wonderful to see this showcased.
Totally incredible writing - thanks for sharing this - I used to have migraines and know the routine that you so descriptively set forth here.
I have a battle in my life too right now and your article was a gift to me this morning, an answer to the cry of my heart. I want to thank you for writing this and God for bringing me here to read it. Though exact circumstances may not be the same, just knowing that the members of the body have a common struggle and that He tailors His answers to our personal needs is such a comfort.
Thank you, Laury. As a migraineur who often trudges on, praying every step of the way, I can truly say, "I feel your pain." And I also know the joy of answered prayer. Nothing beats the pure faith of a child.

Debi Derrick