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I wondered what would be "no bother" and was delighted with your silver halo ending--very appropriate to the topic. I like how you built up your poem to the glorious future.
I love the no bother in every stanza as compared to the one much bother! It really set that stanza apart as being a time of struggle.
Hey - nice take on the aging process, and very good perspective. I like the format - easy to read and very relatable!
Boy, can I relate to this. Like the format. Nicely done.
The repetition of "no bother" in each stanza is very effective. My suggestion would be to use the same punctuation you would use for prose, including periods and question marks. Overall, though, very creative and nice work!
I have never written in this format, so I am not one to really critique it, but I will say that I think you did a wonderful job., It was easy to follow, and I liked the attitude of the MC.

I don't have a struggle with gray hair; I have a struggle with losing my hair. LOL. Oh well, like your story says, each one that falls out just brings me closer to meeting my wonderful Creator. :)
Wow! I loved this, and what a great idea for the topic!
Being in my thirties now, this touched me. Thanks!
Pretty good! A different take on the topic, and especially an interesting journey as we travel through the years.

"I take note on other days when every one apparent."
This line read awkwardly for me, not sure why, but otherwise, the rest of the pace seemed fine. Nice job. ^_^
Excellent! The repetition of "no bother" is superb, and the line "I have decided to wear my halo" really got me smiling. I enjoyed this very much.
I like this! Silver is truly a halo, and can be worn well. This was a fun look at it. :)
So this is what I have to look forward to! Lol. Thanks for the fun romp through the process of aging. I panic at the sight of one gray hair. I don't want to think about me at 50. Cute story.
Very, very clever - you've got me thinking about my motives for coloring...(yes, I just said that for all to read LOL). Enjoyed this read.
What a great way to display getting gray hair....a crown! Liked this poem.
I'm always looking for the poets on FW! Very nice poem, some wit, some some melancholy, but no regret!
I liked this very much.