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Great story! Keep my attention glued to the scrren. Glad the son got the wake-up call he needed.
Whew!I was afraid something awful happened to her.. so glad she was ok :-) I obviously was into your story! lol
Wow, I felt like I was watching a crime episode on TV. Great suspense-building here. Loved your ending sentence, and it left me feeling more hopeful than skeptical.
A riveting story. Well-written.
Wow! I felt like I was right in the scenes! Very good writing! Waiting for the next chapter....
These are terrors that any mother dreads. Your story is well written and right on topic. Nicely done.
Every parents greatest fear. I was holding my breath the whole time I was reading this.
Great job of keeping the suspense going, drawing the reader in deeper and deeper. Definitely not predictable!
Nice job, Chrissy. A little different twist on the prodigal son story. :-)
ooooh the suspense...! I was on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what would come next what would happen. The ending sort of threw me, but I'm glad that Tony had a chance to redeem himself and that his sister didn't give up on him. Great! ^_^
Great hook, and lots of good suspense here, especially for anyone who has ever been a parent of grown-up children.

Maybe a tad less dialogue and a bit more of a glimpse into Trish's spirit?

All in all, wonderful pacing and a satisfying read.
You couldn't have pried me from the monitor with a fire alarm!! This was outstanding. Loved it. :)
Well done, Chrissy. You write a very gripping tale. I'd certainly hate to be the mother of those kids! That's enough to give you gray hair!
Excellent writing. Powerful story. Hooked me to the end.