The Official Writing Challenge
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Editors + tormenting = better writing. Good flow and, oh, so true. Keep "righting" and God bless.

Sentiments of many a writers!
LOL... awesome... I need one of these tormentors myself!
Love the voice in this piece. Well done.
We can all relate to this. Although it feeds our ego to hear praise for our work, it's the critical comments (yes, even the scathing ones) that cause us to work harder and improve our writing. A writer cannot afford to be sensitive to criticism if he or she wants to succeed in this business.
Great voice and narration in this piece.
Cute story and I agree with the commentor that said although we don't want to hear (or see in your case) the corrections, it will make us better writers. Thanks so much for the post.
Love it. I have two dogs, both german shepherds and young. One lies at my feet while I write the other guards the door.