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I love this story. Really well told and just love the first kiss!
This is a wonderful story. I loved the prologue! And what a sweet first kiss. Every young boy should be so lucky! Very well written, and right on topic.
This was a fun read. Loved the twist/mis-direction.
LOL! You got me good.. I had to read that third to last paragraph a couple of times to catch the twist! LOL

I love this line "remember that some of Gods most wonderful blessings can start out disguised as our biggest disappointments".. hugely encouraged me.. thank you! I am writing that line in my journal!
Aha!!! VEry very good!!! :)
Cute. I didn't catch the puppy kiss at first either. Fun to see a boy/girl relationship in such a wholesome adventurous way. Brings back memories of my own.
Had to read this twice to figure out the kiss. Cute story.
I got it. Enjoyed your creative touch on this. Thanks for sharing.
Great story with a fun twist at the end. You really had me going with the kiss. Clever!
Never saw it coming! I love those "gotcha" moments, when I'm reading. Sweet, sweet story.
heehee, you sure 'got me' here, I was waiting and waiting for the punchline and it sneaked up on me. lol. A lovely, light-hearted piece with a great ending, I loved the line with how he described Millie. Cute. ^_^
Great twist and who doesn't secretly love puppy breath. Perfect light hearted entry for topic. Thanks for the smiles.
Oh, thank you so much for that twist! I was just about to think, yeah, yeah, I get it, cute story but kind of predictable when you thumped me right between the eyes! Awesome!
I'm a sucker for a puppy story. This is just too cute. Thumbs up!
Oh, you got me! Delightfully fun and sweet and just a kick! Betcha you had a blast writing this one. I certainly did reading it!
Oh! I LOVE this!! What a perfect twist at the end! Superb! ...Love it! :)
That was adorable! I had to go back and read it again because I thought I missed something! Well done, that was too cute.
I loved it. Loved it!!! You got me hook, line and sinker.

This could easily have been named "Puppy Love". Great job!