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Blessed, Blessed writer of this lovely, lovely story....

You have touched the roots of my heart with the great, great wand of our Master & Redeemer Jesus Christ!

This wonderful and awesome piece, which rolls so beautifully in action and sweet narration has to be one of the most sublime eye-opener to every single reader! Hallelujah!
I cannot but weep as I recall EVERY descriptive phrase you used!

If this is about your own son?...Glory be to God!
Then this narrative
is deeply carved in your own heart and in the core of your being, and in your everyday life...

I do thank you greatly. For the bravery, the courage, and the wonderful approach to our heart with the most stiking expressions used for us, your readers to develop our motherly instinct to perfection....

I have SO MUCH more to thank you ...I shall let my Lord Himself honor you for this rare masterpiece.
This is a beautiful tribute to your son, and an excellent take on the topic.
Oh I wish I had known Robbie. You indeed are blessed either by fiction or by fate. THANKS!
Sweet, insightful, wise, caring, passionate, courageous, bold, ..... how many words describe this young child/boy/man. If this is a true story.. I ache that you have lost someone so precious.
From title to end, your piece grabbed my heart. Anointed for sure.
Mom, I get so weary with sighted peoples prejudices. Theyre the ones who are handicapped!
This is convicting but filled with wisdom.
Excellent story. Thanks for sharing it.