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This is a very tender story of kept promises. Wonderful writing. Great job!
Exceptional writing with amazing descriptions throughout. Moving.
Wonderful story that hit's me close to home. I really liked it.
Thanks for the hint or I may have missed this one. I loved it! This is my favorite part "The confident amen lingered in the room"
keep writing.
This is great! It could easily be a whole novel, yet it reads as "complete."
Just wonderful! What a difficult decision, and what an great example of faithfulness in her listening to God's promptings and acting on them. Love this story. :)
I feel as though I have peeked into a moment of someone's life, so vivid were the descriptions and feelings. I was so hoping God was going to work it out for her to go but you ended it just perfect Seema. I loved reading this 'slice of life.'
Wonderful, warm story. I anticipated a different ending, so you surprised at least one person at the end. Good work.
An endearing and heartwarming story, one of my favorites this week!

A tender, moving story. I like that after praying, she found William's short letter. Nicely written story that is true to topic.
This is absolutely loving, captivating. You do wonderfully with these period pieces.
This was a captivating and well written story and I could see this being a book for sure.
This is so good on so many levels - all the way from seeking God in prayer and the importance of keeping our word in the most difficult of circumstances. The writing is supberb and I didn't want the story to end.
This is an excellent historical story. You made the MC's dilemma so real and her choice just right for this topic.
I love period pieces. So beautifully descriptive. I'm sure the MC will be blessed for her decision.
I loved it. I could picture it sitting on a Barnes and Noble bookshelf with all the other historical pieces.
Keeping a promise. Wow. I'm glad that she did keep her word and I especially liked how she was sitting alone and pulling the petals off the daisy. You did well with that! ^_^
Wonderful story. I love reading this style. Yes, could definitely be made into a novel with all the adventures of family life on the farm. Well done!
This too is outstanding. I can definitely see the makings of a wonderful novel. You are quite talented.