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I love this! Very creative! Surely you haven't tried this yourself?! Great writing! Wonderful storytelling!
Cute. Speaking from experience, however, refresher courses are needed. :-)
OH, this is darling! How creative and clever. I really like the way you put this together and approached the topic. Smiles all the way through.
Cute story. I enjoyed reading this.
Smart parents, smart kid, thanks for this lesson, great way of getting it across.
Very cute...I loved it. "Agent Desperate", hee hee!
Oh, so good! You could have written this as a much more conventional story, but you really cranked the level up a notch by adding the espionage element. Creativity off the scale!
Here we have a couple of parents who actually made disciplining their kid a fun thing! Good for them, and good for you. Well done.
Absolutely cute and clever. (Shirley may not think so, but she CERTAINLY belongs in advanced) Just loads of fun, with delightful dialog.
Haa Haa Haa Agents Desperate and Sneaky... I love it. Very smart thinking parents. Yes, I think you might have to have a refresher course at some stage, but it will be a short one :)
Very well done!!!
So fun and creative. I loved it.
The best part were the giggles from Agent Sneaky. Well written, dear.
Wonderful way to present the topic...and a life lesson learned! Wow!
You don't think that you belong in advanced? Well I'm not usually one to tell people when they are wrong, but...

You are wrong.

Haha. Wonderful story. I could picture the parents playing with the walkie talkies and having a lot of fun. What a great way to demonstrate the lesson you were teaching in this story. It was right on topic too!

Hmmm. Now that I think about it, you might actually be right. Maybe you need to move up to Masters very soon. I don't think it will be long. :)
This was so cute! Great job and very creative.
Too fun! Very creative story, and great writing. I was a little confused at first who was who and who was talking, but it was cleared up quickly. I enjoyed this very much!
So much creativity from the title right through. Great job!
ROFL! This is too funny! I liked the humor vibe in this, it's perfect for this piece and I loved the handles of "Agent Sneaky" etc. This was very good. I liked how Mike made a list in the end and even let his mom add to it. That was great. Your last paragraph is a keeper! ^_^
This was great! I loved the way the parents handled this instead of blowing up and screaming at the kid. Your characters were very realistic, and the voice was dead on. Loved it!
Loved this story. How creative.
Imaginative Parents..
Awesome example for parents! Did this REALLY work for you?
Thank you for the comments on my first writing challenge submission. I checked to see who you were and LOVED this one!!!!