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Oooh...a powerful commentary on the writer's motivation and inspiration! Well written and touching. We've all been in this situation-many times!
Clever story. Wonderfully written.
Wowsers, this is great.
Yeah God, and good for you for listening!!!!!
Wonderful, an engaging story, and a VERY important lesson for all of us.
I L-O-V-E-D this! So typical of God and you captured Him so well. (and me too, at times) ;)

This is absolutely GREAT! Again, I LOVED it!
SO creative and SO clever. I LOVE this! Excellent.
Love that you wrote this conversation with God. Beautiful.
This was good and reminder that sometimes indeed we stay in the past rehashing and allowing bitterness to come instead of the victory.
Intriguing and delivers a wallop of a message. Letting go of the past, moving on to better things. Deleting the deleted a word: Wow! God, did give you a better message.
Outstanding, I loved it. Creative, well written and a message I definitely could relate to.
You nailed this. Wonderful, wonderful stuff. I loved this open, and transparent conversation here. One of your best ones yet! I loved the bit where she's typing and says "sorry, not now, I'm writing." that is too funny! Great writing! ^_^
Oh wow! This was so good. (Have you been peeking in my bedroom window?) I loved the conversation between your MC and The Father. I laughed at "Empty the recycle bin. Lets not tempt ourselves..." We not only tempt ourselves, we kid ourselves sometimes. This was an amazing piece of writing.
Ok, round three...(after some pc trouble, lol) I love the honesty that you put into this. It's equally brave to share a private conversation with God, as it is to share a childhood memory. I'm sure He's very pleased. *smile*- by the way- I love your writing-
Good job writing this piece! I love hearing your converstation with God! Good job!