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Oh, I recognize this story, and I am so glad to hear the conclusion....or is it to be continued?

What a perfect way to illustrate this week's topic. The very person who said a man is known by the company he keeps contradicts himself with his actions. And then you double whammy the topic with Ginger doing exactly what she said she was going to do.

Brilliant! :)
Ooh I love it! This was a guilty pleasure like a chocolate bar before dinner. Great job.
I liked reading the next chapter in this story...Ginger is a very compelling and complex character.

I thought the introduction of Megan's paternity detracted from your story line--and just a note: sequels like this are usually discouraged in the Challenge.

Ginger's story is certainly worth telling in full--could there be a novel here?
Not sure where this is going, a couple of things have to be asked about content. Is it believeable? Would she forget the face of the man that fathered her child that easily? What action is she demonstrating by passing the picture on? The writing itself overall could flow better in some areas, that said I am sure you have talent so keep writing.
You had me from the first line. Great story!
Thanks for the sequel, flowing smooth, would like to see more,,,Keep writing.
Very compelling. I'm glad she confessed her sins to her church, but I'm not comfortable with the blackmail aspect. The ending left me with an icky feeling. The writing and the story, however are great, and you did elicit an emotional reaction from me, so ...good job! :)
A gutsy piece of work Holly. Kudos to you for the stretch. And I think sequels need to have a little info from the prequel to stand alone - they can be kind of tricky. Others have done them too. But I love your 'out of the box' approach ... it was believable ... and that's a good thing.
Good descriptions, Holly - I was engrossed. I also felt the paternity issue was a bit distracting too. Well done.
A picture's worth indeed! Wowza, you really have quite a story going here! All the different twists and turns. wow. I really liked the ending though and I'm glad that the MC was someone who could stand up and take actions. Nice job! ^_^