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WOW! Perfectly on topic. God bless you for toiling and writing this Spiritual, fruitFULL masterpiece: "Blessed are all who fear the LORD, who walk in his ways. You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours." --Psalm 128 (NIV) Awesome!
How creative! After seeing the poem I realize how perfect your title is. Your acrostic is so beautifully written. I think you were wise to put the first letters in boldface, making that message the first one you see. You’ve packed a LOT of wisdom in your entry. This line is exceptional, “NO WAY can you produce the practice of patience on your own!” I appreciated the way you put the “dash” in self-control with its own message. Extremely good work on this!
This is just amazing. You obviously worked very hard on this and the creativity is outstanding. I am beyond impressed. Well done.
This is so clever. Your message really seems annointed. I especially liked the "Gentleness" message. I read this twice to make sure I really got the wisdom of it. I'd like a framed version for my office. Bravo!
Absolutely exceptional and an excellent hard-hitting message. The format is also extremely effective.
Creative and unique. Excellent job in this piece.
If this doesn't take first place I will be shocked and disappointed. Every bit of this was on point and remains a much needed lesson. When the results are in, I'm printing this out.
I was tickled by the fact that each fruit is expounded in the stanza with the acrostic immediately following it--what a clever structure in an extremely well-written entry!
Ok - WOW! What an awesome message you've packed in this! This is absolutely great! This is one I'm going to print out to remember. Wonderful job!
So good!! I love how you packed such a message into this unique package. I love it!! This packs a whallop.
This is wonderful. Absolutely love the title, too.
WOW--What talent this shows! Others precede me in their admiration, and I "ditto" comments above. This piece is amazing.
Not just creative, but so spot on with the topic and choc full of Biblical truth. The Fruit of the Spirit really is a verb, a 'doing' word. Faith without actions is indeed death.
THIS is a masterpiece deserving to be framed and displayed.

Awesome Laura! May God bless your talent and heart.
WOW! What else can I say—this is great. I am afraid to even take a guess at how long it took you to put this together.
Wonderful! This must have taken a lot of thought. Very well written. Very creative. And very much on topic.
Wow. You have sort of left me speechless with this one. It's AWESOME! I am definitely printing this one out, and it is going on the favorites list. :)
What a wonderful way to bring the verse and topic alive. Great challenge.
Hmmmm, I think I just read a winner! A very, very well-done acrostic. I was impressed to see that the well chosen words were not just chosen to go with the Letter, but really meant something special on their own. Great job!
Wow! Laura -- wow! How powerful! Wonderful! Fantastic! Original!
This is very cleverly done. The topic is presented well, too. Very good work.
Often acrostics seem forced--not this one--it's perfect. It is not only outstandingly creative, but it has all the way through wonderful messages. I looks like a winner--hope it will be.
I can't add anything that hasn't already been said. Wow. This was absolutely anointed and flat our well done. I'm applauding!
This is unbelievable. You have put so much effort into this. Very, very creative and nailed to topic so well. I can't add anything that others haven't already said. Superb!
Oh this is one of your best yet! I liked the format and especially the line with the underdog! Creative, inspiring and really soul-touching. Great writing, dear friend! ^_^
Congratulations on being Highly Commended, Laura! :)
***Congrats, Laura!*** Way to write! ^_^
Congratulations on Highly Commended! This was a blessing to me!
Congratulations on your highly commended, Laura. This was a very creative piece.
Congrats on your highly commended!
I'm so glad that you at least got a Highly Commended on this one. It's amazing! Congratulations. :)
I hear the words of Apostle Paul in your writing here... like the words he wrote to the churches. Your life is literally soaking in the Word of God in order to write this way. You are gifted. You are a provocative and affirming writer. You point me to a life worth living. Blessings to you, dear writer. I will be watching you from now on!