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This entry brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful and sad.
Wow! -- so sad. Alzheimers seems so cruel. I love the red carnation connection to the family. What a strong woman the Mom was. It was a beautiful act when she encouraged her husband to give the red carnations to Iris. Your writing just flows in this wonderful piece. This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for your end note (I'd never heard this before.)
I'd heard the story that you based this on, and found it such a powerful example of've written a beautiful, beautiful story, absolutely heart-rending, but such a wonderful picture of inceasing love. *gulp*
How beautiful! How utterly beautiful, both the story and your writing of it. (wiping tears away)
This is a beautiufl story, wonderfully told. All kinds of emotions are tugging at the heart strings. Among other things to admire is the bravery and love of the wife and gentle soul of the husband, who even not remembering, has never forgotten how to give.
"For someone who felt so weak I never knew someone so strong." This was my favorite line.

God indeed buoys us up and gives us strength we never knew we could have, when we face situations we could never imagine being in.

This is a powerful and touching story, and it is something I never heard about Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Thank you for sharing!

Blessings, Cheri
What a beautiful story of lasting love. Very well done--I could feel their love and their sadness. Soooo good!
I didn't know this was based on a true story! Wow. The red carnations. This was so different. So sad. You told it well through the MC's eyes and especially using the title with the Red carnations and the black licorice. Really good writing! ^_^
What an amazing example of the topic. Very well written, the descriptions, feelings and dialogue all first class. Well done, well done.
Alzheimers is such a terrible disease. I was not aware of this true story. I am going to look up the story, but I doubt that it will be as well written or as emotionally charged as this wonderful piece that you have written. One of my favorites this week. :)
Thanks for sharing this touching tale. I marvelled at the wife, how strong she was to keep coming back while knowing what was in store.
***Congrats on making the top 40, Julie!*** Awesome writing!
Wow...incredibly well done. So much emotion packed into relatively few words. Remarkable.