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I really liked this. It made me think. It made me wonder. It is so true, and we are all guilty. Well done! Perfectly on topic..
Love the voice AND the message. So true, too.
You’re a master at creating suspense. You’ve created a lot of questions for the reader and some are answered. There is a lot of depth in Albert’s character and he is quite interesting in a “Robinhood-ish” sort of way. I know there are many things that we in our lives “don’t get”. Very good writing on this piece.
Good article. Informative and good pov.
Great piece...this could also fit the topic 'walk a mile in their shoes'. Most people who have never been there, or even close to it, don't get it. Good job!
Nice job with the topic! Your dialogue is wonderful, and Albert is such a multi-faceted character! Very thought-provoking!
I like the slam against the tobacco companies. This flowed well and was meanigful. THANKS for the message.
Albert is an AWESOME character! Love it!
Your MC left with his "I've doon goodness" and Albert was left with "Albertness" which DID good. This was a great example for the topic. I guess you can tell--I really liked Albert and the way you described him so creatively with his "Albertness."
I loved your interesting characters, and your note at the end put an EXCLAMATION MARK on the piece. Well done.
Nice take on the topic. I liked how it left me pondering....hmmmm
This was a great message that will stick with me a lot longer than most meals. What a powerful footnote at the end.
This definitely gets you thinking.
Smart writing. You left me thinking about your words. Albert was an appealing character too. Thank you for sharing!
Your heart for this subject shows through so well in this story. Even after watching him give the ten to someone else, she still didn't get it. Great writing.
Heehee, what an interesting character this Albert is. I liked the phrase with "Albertness" cute.