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This is very heartbreaking. I was hopeful Justin would survive.
I love the letter. It is simple, down to earth, and real. What a heartbraking reality. When you say "tangle of wires," I thought he was in some awful accident.
This is such a heart-breaking story that is a reality for some. You've written this very well. I hope your readers take it to heart. Thank you for writing this.
A great discussion starter for teens, this is well-written and heartbreaking.
This one hit close to home for me, but it was wonderfully written. You capture the anguish of the partents really well. Well done my friend.
This is a tragic story, written so powerfully that we feel the grief with the parents.
So perfect for the topic and what a wake up call to really see others around us. THANKS for the message.
Oh how heartbreaking! I was so hoping they would turn off the machines and Justin would miraculously continue to breath. Well done.
wow. This is so incredibly sad! Justin's letter was so real, I really really hoped that there was a 'better' way for him, but the ending fit the tone of the piece. My only note is the four 'why's' at the end...maybe 3 why's? lol. This was nice, you captured the grief of the parent's and the bitterness of the son, but did it in such a way that it makes you ache for both sides of the party. ^_^ Nice work! ^_^
SO tragic. And happens way too often. Great writing!
This despair felt by Justin is so prevalent in today's society. We need more voices like yours to tell their story and to let the "outside" world know what is going on inside the hearts of those feeling so lost. Great writing!
(thank you for the warning that it was a heavy!!)
You captured Justin's pent up anger--I could feel through the lines of his letter. Very well written and very thought provoking.
Heartbreaking! Masterfully written and a message that we all need to take to heart.
Oh my. Seema, this is so heartwrenching and expertly portrayed. I was right there with them. Wow.
Wow. Very tragic. I wish that he had survived, and yet, so many times in life things turn out exactly like this. You really gripped my emotions with this one. The letter felt so real. Excellent writing. Thanks for sharing!
Wonderful writing. You had the emotion growing until the end, and you captured the final moment very excellently.
This story is a very sad story about selfishness. His parents, for not being there for him, the kids at his school, for not caring about anyone but him, and mostly Justin's. He could have reached out to his parents. His letter was spiteful and revengeful and now he'll never know what a wonderful life he could have had. Very well written.