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Ouch! Great message. When we allow bitterness and spitefullness to enter our hearts, we are mostly hurting ourselves. Very well written and powerful entry. Congrats and good job. Blessings!
To the point and well-written. I liked how you structured this piece.
Ah...VERY clever! I love the musings of God... You've so perfectly written down some of our petty grievances and how God can give use these things to really cause us to think. Your touch of humor is perfect in this. Thank you for making me smile.
I definitely love the voice of this, and the irony.

I'm no theologian, but I'm not sure that I believe that God intentionally brings bad things to His children. That bothered me a little bit. Like I said, I really don't know...maybe you'll PM me with your thoughts on this?

The entry is deftly written, short and with a real bite. Very good!
So good on many levels, this was a joy to read.
A most interesting perspective.
While this may or may not fall under the principal of sowing and reaping, or losing the seed because one did not sow it, we are certainly told that we will be accountable if we bury what God has given us to use for His glory.
OOOH Nice one! I do believe God does this sort of thing to get our attention and redirect our thinking! LOL Nicely done.
ROFL! I'm laughing out loud here. the ending, that's just funny and I couldn't help how it seemed to sum up the arrogant MC and I have a feeling if there's a part 2, it'll be even better! I loved how you singled out the 'Musings' and put them in bold and the Spirit's whisper in italics, it really helped to keep all the thoughts straight. Nice work! ^_^
I enjoyed this and the ending was just right. You and I used a similar thought in our entries this week...Great Minds?