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Great story, a lot of the details seemed personal. Thanks for sharing.
Your entry is very well written and your reflections are so heartwarming. The genuine yearning for a lost family member really comes across in this.

I've always like the "Tennessee Waltz" and could just see father and daughter dancing together. Your miracle ending was very uplifting. Thank you for writing this.
This has wonderful tone and mood--nostalgia, love, longing, hope...

Some missing quotation marks on the 12th paragraph threw me for a bit, but I recovered biggie.

Perfect ending.
Very well written story! On-topic, thought-provoking and beautifully rendered. There is rich depth to the characters and the scene as it unfolds. The writer shows a practiced eye for observation, through well written, vivid descriptions and carefully drawn characters. This piece makes the reader stop and think!
Very well written. I love the dialogue between mother and daughter. Very realistic.
Well done!!
Very sweet story... I love this line..Silence filled the room like the fragrance of Justin’s aftershave. It made me actually breath in deeply when I read it.
Beautifully chosen details in this well-written piece. Good job.
This gave me goosebumps just reading it! The whole story between the mother-daughter was so real, you captured that very well. I liked the line at the end with feeling like a marathon runner. That was pretty good. ^_^
You have some nice pieces of description and dialogue here. Narrative can sometimes kill a good story. Rather than tell us what he chose, make it a memory with dialogue again so that we can be there as he turned away. This was a good interpretation of the topic.
I loved the shared memories in this excellent story, and I loved even more the great ending.
Powerful and thought provoking read and your use of symbolisms were top notch. The marathon runner, the waiting for the knock...simply tereffic!
Wow - I was completely swept away. Superb!
Oh, I forgot to mention how much I LOVED the ending! I wanted to applaud. :)