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LOL... Lighthearted, hilarious, very creative, and right on topic. Nicely done!
A funny story. Your POV is creative. I enjoyed reading this.
This was a delight. Loved it and on topic.
Excellent writing! I love it! Your combination of several fairy tales into a new story is so creative. I had to smile at the wolf claiming to be a vegetarian, then the judge sentencing him to the pound. :) You'll have to add this to the thread of children's stories on the message board.
Love it, love it, love it! I've done a few of these fractured fairy tales myself, and they're so much fun to read! This is priceless.
RFOL! This is just too funny! I love the lightheartedness of this piece. You kept the humor fresh on this old story and I really liked how you linked together more than one story/fairy tale. Now when I see the big bad wolf, I may always think of Thaddeus T. Wolfe. ^_^ Very clever take on the topic, the ending was cute with Red Riding hood running away, her cape waving goodbye. ^_^
I love this. I wish I'd written it. :-D
I especially enjoyed how you wove the different wolf stories together. Fun, entertaining, and an engaging, readable style.

[But, I don't think they'd buy the "vegetarian" argument after he just said he'd eaten the sheep.]
Thanks for the hint or I may have missed this one. What a fun read.
I didn't guess who Thaddeus was until he admitted blowing the two houses down. Oh this was very clever. Very, very clever. Well done!!
This was a fun read.
It was interesting to see that Mr. Wolf decided to become a vegetarian sometime after eating the sheep. :-)
Very clever :) If you'd had room, you could have added in his wife's story (The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids). Nice descriptions.
This is so inventive and creative and fun. What a great read, and a telling of the "rest of the story". You did a great job keeping the tone light and tongue-in-cheek humor at the perfect fairy tale level.
So much fun to read. Excellent job. Extremely clever and well presented. God bless.
Loved this! How very creative and such a fun read. Absolutely excellent. Great job.
Congratulations on your EC! Well done!
***Congratulations!*** I'm so glad to see this up here-awesome writing! ^_^
Congratulations on your EC. This is very funny. I especially liked the part about him being a vegetarian. Too funny. Great job.
Congratulations, dear Laurie! First place couldn't happen to a nicer person.

Such a delightful and creative story, this deserves to be an illustrated storybook. I'm sure my grandbabies would love it.
This is so much fun, and extremely creative. Congratulation, Laurie!!