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Oh, my goodness! This is so believable in the most awful kind of way! Your title is perfect, and your choice for ending was perfect as well. Hopefully, another copy of those tickets could be produced, but I'll bet the damage to the "trust" would take awhile to overcome. Double whammy!
oooh, I bet she never saw that one coming! Ouch. You got the proverb all right and definitely quite a lesson to go with it. I feel a little bad for most of them, but sad for her that she didn't think to look a little further. Nice job. ^_^
Intriguing title and such a great lesson, great fit to topic, hope this isn't a real lesson for U.
Yes, I had figured a trip was involved, but hadn't thought about the tickets being in the book. Which just goes to prove another proverb ... don't judge a book by its cover. :-)
Oh, ouch. Well-written and cringe-inducing!
I was drawn in by your title and at conclusion was saying, "Oh noooooooo!"
Very well written and right on target for this topic.
Yikes! This is perfect for the topic. Great writing!
Oh my. This was so well written. This is a winner as far as I am concerned. I laughed so hard as it was me all the way. I would have gotten upset and probably did the same thing! Great with the theme too!
Ironically perfect. Great, great story and exemplifies the challenge so well.
Great title and well delivered message. Enjoyed it. God bless.
Oooh, I got goosebumps! You totally had me following Molly's emotions. I was suspect of Phil's secretive phone calls, disappointed by his choice of what seemed a "selfish" gift. Although I thought throwing it in the fire was more than I would do, it didn't seem too far- fetched and I, too, "threw it in the fire" and sulked with Molly. At the end, I felt as if I'd failed in allowing Phil to surprise the Molly Me and felt awful for having doubted him. Yes another appropriate message for the young married us! If my hubby gets me his favorite book for my 30th, I'll be sure to flip through EVERY page! (Now that I think of it, maybe I should have him read the article...and maybe he'll get some ideas!)