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Great story that children everywhere need to hear. I'll be reading it to mine this evening. Right on illustration of the proverb as well.
A great story for kids.
I thought Stephen was going to be the liar...Thanks for the twist and the lesson.
This was a fun read. I got caught in your twist, too, having also presumed Stephen to be the liar.
This is just great!
This is so cute! I love the chicken pox lie! I also love your description of the fireflies. Oh, so good. Never thought about what they did when their lights were out before. I'll never look at a firefly the same again -- lol!
I love your voice in this story. Your descriptions of the fireflies and backyard summer evenings are perfect. I can still see it. (I quote that verse --Num.32:23 -- to my family frequently :) Great writing with this!
I thought Stephen was the one who was telling the lie too. Love the dialogue and the descriptions. Great story; great example of the topic!
This would be perfect to use in "Childrens' Church." What a great message! Love it!
Great characterization - and a super analogy with great descriptions. Enjoyed this VERY much.
I certainly enjoyed reading this one. It reminded me too of summers spent at my grandmother's house with nothing to do.

It also brings to mind the Veggie Tales story "The rumor weed." I can't tell you how many times I've used that story to illustrate the power of lies to my own children.
"Summer came when Stephen Randall moved onto our street." That is a great opening sentence--you don't need to offer any explanation later. It was already packed with meaning. I enjoyed this story and the lesson at the end.
So cute. What a great story/lesson for kids. Great job with the topic, Dee.
This is charming! A great lesson for all, young and not-so-young. Some really great descriptions in this piece. I really enjoyed this!
Oooh. I'm sorry that she felt she had to lie to save a friendship that would've survived with just the plain truth. Chicken pox is no fun though, you did well with this piece and I liked the character of Sheila, it was realistic with flaws and dreams. Nice job. ^_^