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I love this message: As she worked and ran her errands, the words became like a seed; growing inside of her. It wasn’t long before she began acting on those words—for the seed began maturing.
It's amazing to see what big things God can do when we entrust faith as small as a mustard seed in Him. Good message.
This is a devotional disguised as a story! Good job!

A few tweaks: You used "Philippines" (the country) instead of "Philippians", and I think I caught a minor semicolon error. Perhaps this is more tell-y than show-y in places?

I should print this out and use it for inspiritation; I have the same issues.
I liked the play on the title here...her 'tiny' problem. I also really, really liked how you showed she went to the Lord, even with an issue that is so touchy for some of us these days. I loved the way you wove the verses into this piece and especially the character of Julia. It was nicely done. ^_^