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This is TOO cute!!!! I laughed out loud several times, but this line really struck my funny bone for some reason: She was standing very stiff as if Misty had attacked her backside as well and I started to feel sorry for her until she grabbed that rolled up newspaper.

I can picture the whole thing in my head, and that is the sign of a very good writer. Well done and right on topic. Can't wait to read this to my dog-loving daughter.
Very fun! I love it! "You tell me why a dog can’t sleep in peace without some over-grown chew toy tearing up his back!" LOL... I agree that I could see the whole thing as you described it.. Even the effort of pulling himself up onto the bed. Excellent job!
Cute and light.
I must be a bit slow, but did finally figure out that the dog was in the garage.
LOL, being a cat person, I rooted for Misty. This is clever and fun.
Great title and the POV is fun. Thanks for the romp through the mind of the poor pooch.
Oh, poor misunderstood dog:)
Good writing!
I was rooting for Misty! But the MC was cute too, especially with running commentary/dialouge bit. I liked the line with maybe if the MC was clean, she wouldn't notice that he'd been on the bed. Cute! ^_^
Your descriptions of the cat were so funny “over-grown chew toy”. Your title is great in light of this. Then--poor Elmer, how confusing for him…when WE ALL KNOW it was Misty’s fault. This was so much fun to read.
I could just see Elmer by your descriptive chacterizations and he reminded me so much of our own dog, Tigger chasing our cat, Sunny. I for one side with Elmer, poor guy! Nice writing.
I enjoyed your fun story. I would have comforted the lonely dog. I knew it was Misty's fault.
As the owner of a very large "lap" dog, I felt so bad for this poor fellow! And laughed out loud at your vivid descriptions... the sheets and the pillow... so soft... LOL! I know my old boy would be right there with him if he could!

Excellent piece! Thank you for the pick-me-up!
Cute perspective to write from. It was nice to read a lighthearted piece since many of the entries this week (mine included) are kind of heavy.

Being a dog lover, I had to side with Elmer.

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story!