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This is hilarious. We women think it's all so horrible, and think the men have the easy job. Actually, I still think they do.:) Nice story.
What a fun story! And how special too. I wonder if you're really a dad who supported his wife through the birth of twin girls?
Very funny.... have you a piece ready for waning estrogen? The funny menopause years are rich with material to mine, also.
Hilarious! Tell me what you REALLY think! My dad could totally relate.
This is laugh-out-loud funny! Loved the part about needing pain medication and knocking over the how-to books. As parents we continually find out how little we do know! Thanks for a great piece.
Oh, I loved this! Funny, funny, funny. It seems you need a few pointers on labor/delivery etiquette. Check out my article, "No Pain? Are you Insane?" for ten important rules for husbands when their wives are in labor.
Well written humor. I may have a clue who wrote it...we'll see. :-)
Blessings, Lynda
Your tongue must be firmly planted in your cheek for this one. Laugh out loud piece. Interesting twist on estrogen at the birth, too.
I loved this piece! Made me laugh!
Hysterical! I love it. :)
Congrats, this is great, and funny...well maybe not so funny for some parents. Great job.
I always have sympathy on men who brave their lives while living with only females! hehe Great fun; great writing.
Quite a departure for you! Funny story, well told.
You captured "that moment of stillness, the perfect instant" very well - a most defining moment! Great job.
Great story! Well written and very entertaining.
Loved it! Very fun. Could feel the confusion when you were asked where you thought that you were going. LOL
Comic-relief at it's finest!
Maxx, I LOVE this. It's delightful and funny and heartwarming all at once. It also came very close to being in the Editors' Choice (if we had ten places, you'd have been in). I'd love to use this in a future FaithWriters' Magazine issue. It just has so much going for it and would be perfect for either "The Joy of Family" or "Parents' Survival Guide." Could you send me a quick note and let me know if we have permission to use it? Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator - but you already know that... by the way, did you get my e-mail about your entry for Easter? It came back saying that there were problems delivering it.)
LOL. A comedy?! Pure wonderful humor with a cold does of realism. This has to be part of your book! Fabulous quirky sentances. I loved the books falling on him "Parenting for Dummies." It's priceless! I laughed out loud when I read the part about the man leaving his wife at home in the bathroom. That was pure genius. Reading through it, it didn't even sound like you. You compeltely changed your style of writing, your sentence structure. Amazing. So versitile.