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This paints a very powerful picture of the topic. And your ending is marvelous. This line was my favorite, though:
My razor-edged reprisal rests in hand.
Oh, WOW! No, seriously--oh WOW!! This is beyond outstanding--I just don't have the words for it. WOW!
Absolutely beautiful...your word choices are flawless. I love this phrase, "Precision tools of hatred hone the wood".
This is beautifully written. I especially enjoyed the first stanza. Outstanding writing on topic.
Wow.. I am not a poem person, but.. wow. The boomerang thing... At first read I understood the the MC actually made a weapon.. the boomerang. But after a couple more reads, either you are truly masterful and are refering to the hatred at a two fold weapon that will destroy both of them or, even more amazing, you mean it both ways.
Very, very creative! There is a lot here that seems to hang in mid-air with the air of suspense as the rest of the story comes together. I think you did well here. ^_^
I am a poetry person, and I liked it very much--creative and right on topic.
I am not a big fan of poetry, but this really grabbed me. The thought processes of the person 'speaking' and the word pictures were amazing. I loved the last line "I dare not e'er release the boomerang.". Well done!
The poetry was very good, would have liked more, the scripture text used more word count than the actual poem. To me, that's a little cheating. You could have referenced the scripture with writing out the whole thing. Good work though.
Loved it Holly. The first two lines quickly draws the reader into sober focus, while the third line from the end beautifully opens up the eternal life and hope for believers.
Holly, I'm going to feature this outstanding poem in the Front Page Showcase for the week of August 10. Look for it on the FaithWriters Home page--and congratulations!
Fantastic - the imagery is just masterful. I was actually cringing as I read it... Well, well done.