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Sweet! This piece really hits close to home. My daughter had a baby three weeks ago. They were expecting a girl, all the shower presents were for a girl. It WAS a everything was okay. :)

Your dialog was good in this, What a nightmare it was for your MC (not getting what she ordered). Your ending statement was good "God doesn't make mistakes" and you added a touch of humor, "and apparently neither does Angelo". :) I really enjoyed your story of a mismatched shower. What fun!
Very funny. So is the moral of the story -- always listen to your cake baker? LOL! Great job!
Great idea... how absolutely darling... and I started to guess it half way through, but that didn't take away from the joy of the ending.. I do hope she called the baker to tell him of his gift of prophecy! LOL.. Dianne
I really loved the story, (might be because the mom-to-be and I share the same first name). Only one little glitch, not sure who is talking here:
“This cake is pink. What am I supposed to do with a pink cake?” I pressed my fingers against my forehead, feeling the beginnings of a headache.

“But, I’ve already bought all the decorations, the plates, napkins and favors. Everything is blue. Now the cake won’t match.” I glanced at my watch.

Is the MC making both statements? If so, there is no need for separations. Makes one think Angelo is asking the question.

Overall good job!
Great story! I love the last line and the way it all worked out in the end. I stumbled just a bit on the sentence that Clarissa pointed to, also, but figured it out in short order. The MC is very natural and real in this entry. I like her and her attitude!
SWEET!!!! Enjoyed each bite of it.
Great fun, and I loved Angelo's voice and his spunky attitude.
I LOVE that last line.

Pet peeve: I don't know why everyone wants a boy—girls are just as great—Angelo knew that, and God agrees.

Great writing.
A fun read! Great dialog and Angelo's charaterization was just right. I really like how it ended, too. :-)
A wonderful presentation
Well done!

Thank you for bringing back good memories to my heart. When we lived in Sudan, Africa, on going to receive the cake order, I always had to pray,"O God kindly let it be to please...and not to tease."
I smiled many times reading this, so perfect for topic as well, THANKS!
A light and easy read! I liked how the cake turned out to be the 'right' color at the end. I had a feeling it might be that way when Angelo asked how the MC could know it if was really a boy. Good job here! ^_^
Oh, this is good. Nice little slice of life. Only one thing...I don't think the baker should have charged her for the cake. It was his mistake, after all. ;0)
Well done.
This is one of my favorites this week--delightful all the way through.
A fun, sweet story to read. I was glad she didn't fret over the pink cake for long. Nicely done.