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Earns you the grand Puppy approval... ;-)

Well done. I love a good puppy story.
This was so much fun! Our pets are so patient and forgiving. (Or perhaps just forgetful?)
This story absolutely exudes energy and sweetness. I just love it. You certainly captured Dowser's personality, and the sweet relationship between a dog and his "boy."
Aw...cute puppy antics. What a fun story! You've cleverly written this animal tale. This would be such an enjoyable story for every kid (big and little) who has ever loved an animal. Really nice work on this entry. And as we all know... "Every puppy needs a boy."
Wouldn't it be great if people were as forgiving as a puppy?
Well written
What a darling tale. My 7-year-old dog loving daughter was JUST asking me when I was going to write a story about a dog, and NOW I have one to read her. Can't wait. :)
I love this Super Pup POV! You captured puppiness, and little boys, too. Great job!! Very enjoyable reading! I'm gonna pass this on to my kids! Hugs!!
I just read this to my little boys (6 & 10--I think--LoL) and their response: giggles, 'Super cool!' and I got hugs--I'll pass them on to you.

This gets the Little Boys' Stamp of Approval. *grin*
How adorable is this? It begs to be illustrated. I loved it.
Makes a nice story to read to children.
This is so cute, what a wonderful story to read to my grandbabies. I loved it!
I can just see the illustrations for this little children's book. I loved it.
This was such a fun story Laury! I particularly loved “Oooooh, owie.” he started to slide down the hill. He slid right past the pesky bunny that got him into this mess in the first place. Bunny gave him a tiny wave and then hopped off.
I could actually see it happening. You have a real way with words girlfriend. I loved this. Grrrr WOOF!
Very precious--dogs are wonderful, aren't they? So quick to forgive and forget.
Cute story. I howled at this line and the picture it put in my mind: "Bunny gave him a tiny wave and then hopped off." Very good.
Very visual and engaging. I enjoyed Dowser very much, great story, keep up the good words.
Ahhhh! I love a good puppy tale. This is so very well written, I smiled through the whole thing. Great job.
This is so cute! I love reading this from Dowser's POV! It's just cute and fun at the same time. I think it's a great children's story! Nice job with the ending and I espcially liked the last line with "Boy loves me" That summed up the whole feeling of this piece! ^_^
Such an enchanting tale told from the puppy's perspective. And true to life--puppy's get over a hurt pride really quickly.
Aw. This was really cute, and I loved the bit with his cape flowing from his neck.
A yelping success. I love dogs and your entry struck a chord with me. Your compassion shines through regardless of your style. You are a blessing. Thanks for sharing this.
Awesome Laury! I missed reading this story and I'm so glad it was yours. I want to read more of your puppy stories! I would buy this from he bookstore for my boys. It makes me wish all over again that we could get pets for our kids!
In my mind I picture a darling beagle puppy when I read this. Precious! And who better to illustrate "don't cry over spilled milk" than a puppy? Excellent story and such fun. My daughter and I really enjoyed it. Thanks!
I'm so glad I went back through the entries that I didn't have a chance to read. Otherwise I would have never found this wonderful gem. You have to get this one illustrated and made into a children's book. My niece would love it! :)
Haha, fun story!