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Your title started this hilarious piece and the eff-you-en (FUN) never stopped. Great work on this. NOW I KNOW HOW TO SPELL QUEUE! LOL I loved your paragraph about "AITCH!". I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything when I got to the "cocoa in--cocoa out" part cause my keyboard would have gotten sprayed. :) And what a good idea -- not crying over spilled vegetable soup, just play scrabble instead. :)
Very creative:)
What a fun and creative idea. I love all the letter words. A little more attention to punctuation would help it to flow better. In my book, however, it still gets an 'aye!'
Ha...Ha...Ha..! I loved it! Even the names were letters, except poor John. You even got both varieties of "Z", zee and zed.
Very creative!
Wow, is this creative or what? I'll have to try this game with my kids, as long as they clean up the mess afterwards.

This line had me in stitches:
“Yep, oh, just found the pee, potty break, cocoa in and cocoa out, hold on for a minute, and keep Zed away.”

VERY cute and clever - this must have been fun to write.

The punctuation errors were a bit distracting, but it's easy enough to learn. Do you have a challenge buddy?

I really enjoyed this. Fun fun fun!
I really enjoyed this funny and creative take on the topic. It would have felt a little more complete to me if I knew what the relationships between the three of them are.

Red ink: Although you carefully separated your dialogue, I still had some difficulty keeping score on who was speaking, since there was a good deal of back and forth between times that a name was attached. I never did completely conclude who was ahead in the Scrabble match before lunch.
LOL very funny. I'd like to see them playing scrabble with "Alphabetti Spaghetti" Now THAT would be interesting.
I became a little confused with the dialogue in the second half, but managed to work it out with a second read. Well done. This was very unusual.
Definitely a Scrabble lover here!! (of course! LoL) I was able to follow the conversation as it bounced back and forth, but it felt a little disjointed, maybe because it felt a little forced--but that was probably just me. I absolutely loved how you spelled the letters out and the 'aitch'!! Cool.
I love Scrabble and word play, so this really appealed to me.

Quite a few missing commas, so it didn't flow quite as well as it could have, but I really enjoyed the pacing and jolliness in this cute story.
Makes me want to go find that package of dried alphabet pasta I have in the cupboard and FLING IT! What fun!
Clever little piece...I love the dialogue!
LOL! This is just too funny. They were playing with the soup-and even I got caught up into the whole knack of it! I loved how they were finding the words and your spelling of the letters...too funny! I think is a favorite of mine for this week! Awesome writing ^_^